The core value, in our perspective, lies in recognizing the individual in their unique role. In pursuit of this principle, we consistently enhance our products and services to provide you with a competitive advantage.


An online platform for building and developing the competencies of welding personnel within the Lifelong Learning concept.

The purpose of Weldtech is to train, test and certify the qualifications of welders, operators, welding coordinators and other engineering and technical personnel in the welding industry.


An online platform for discovering certified welders, operators, non-destructive testing specialists, and welding engineers, enabling you to locate a professional with the right qualifications for your project.

Verifiable evidence of the workers’ qualifications includes a copy of their certificate or diploma. Moreover, the platform facilitates the search for certified welding companies, contributing to the establishment of robust supply chains within the industry.


The web-based quality management software offers prompt risk assessment in welding production, oversees certified procedures and specifications, streamlines the documentation of welding traceability and personnel qualification, and automatically generates welding documentation.

wAxe has seamlessly integrated into the school’s training process. The software has achieved remarkable success in training welding coordinators, and a dedicated online training course has been developed for employees of companies already utilizing the solution.


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