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In today’s world, competence plays a crucial role. The more experience you gain in a specific field, the more people trust you. Fundamentally, learning is the ability to derive accurate conclusions from both personal and others’ mistakes. We aim to create conditions that optimize this process as much as possible.

Aleksandr Ježov, CEO Weldman


Our mission is to minimize uncertainty in welding. We are dedicated to making our industry more widely recognized, innovative, and safe.

Our training methodologies are rooted in our extensive experience collaborating with diverse manufacturing and service companies within the oil and gas, mining, energy, and engineering sectors since 2010.


We’re proactively advancing the development of cutting-edge technologies aimed at substantially enhancing production processes. Our innovative solutions encompass the creation of intelligent control systems and the utilization of artificial intelligence technologies to streamline operations. The key focus in our innovation efforts is the commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. All our advancements are geared towards refining industrial solutions that not only boost productivity but also minimize adverse effects on the environment.


The training program which we offer is awarded with the quality accreditation from the Estonian Quality Agency for Education HAKA. Additionally, we adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards, certified by the international accreditation body Bureau Veritas.


We closely collaborate with regulatory authorities. All certificates and diplomas issued upon course completion are entirely valid, in compliance with EU legislation, and meet the requirements of accredited certification bodies.

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Weldman OÜ digitalisation roadmap. The aim of the project is to support the creation of company digitalisation roadmap.As the result digitalization roadmap was created. A digitalisation roadmap is a company’s strategic document that assesses the company’s level of digitalisation, plans for removing bottlenecks on necessary investments, their return on profit and impact on the entrepreneur’s financial results. A digitalisation roadmap also includes a 3-year plan for implementing digitalisation. Project was supported by European Regional Development Fund with sum of 8400 €.


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