Reducing uncertainty in welding
EAS toetusWeldman OÜ digitalisation roadmap.
The aim of the project is to support the creation of company digitalisation roadmap.
As the result digitalization roadmap was created.
A digitalisation roadmap is a company’s strategic document that assesses the company’s level of digitalisation, plans for removing bottlenecks on necessary investments, their return on profit and impact on the entrepreneur’s financial results. A digitalisation roadmap also includes a 3-year plan for implementing digitalisation.
Project was supported by European Regional Development Fund with sum of 8400 €.
Weldman provides technology products and services for digitization of welding production within the Industry 4.0 paradigm.
The solutions offered are based on the experience of networked cooperation in oil and gas, mining, energy and mechanical engineering industrial sectors since 2010.
Thanks to narrow specialization, an approach and methods for development of quality management systems and staff competencies are elaborated.


wAxe – web-based welding management software that allows to:

  • manage welding documentation
  • analyse qualified welding procedures
  • provide traceability of welding works
  • evaluate vendors
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An online portal of qualified welders and welding operators. Weldspace assists in finding needed qualified specialists in preferred location.

Qualification of personnel is confirmed by a copy of certificate.

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Weldtech is an online platform aimed to assist the development of welding personnel competencies in the context of Lifelong Learning.
Weldtech provides educational, knowledge testing and qualification services for welders, welding operators, welding coordinators and other engineering and technical personnel of welding production.
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